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This morning, R&B singer Ashanti dropped by “The Breakfast Club” to promote the release of her newest album, “Braveheart” (in stores today).

The 33-year-old singer also dished on her Nelly inspired “Braveheart” single. A track she told the radio hosts the rapper knew about, way before she recorded it!

She went on to say that she had discussed the track with her ex-boyfriend and situations behind it prior to hitting the studio!

“When I wrote the record it was talking about things that happened between us. When I was singing the record, me and him were actually Skyping, so we were cool and we were talking about it” Ashanti shared. “I guess it’s kind of weird how things came together. He loves that record, though, to be honest.”

Ashanti however didn’t go into full detail about what she specifically sang about, but she did acknowledge that her relationship with Nelly had suffered some major blows. The singer admitted the cause of their breakup was not entirely all his fault.

“We both definitely made mistakes in a lot of things. What I will say is that things do come full circle. It was both people,” Ashanti said, sharing her opinion of her former beau. “Nelly is a really good person. He has a really, really good heart.”

“I’m very smart and I know him, and I knew what the facade was.”

Plus, there’s still the major question on everyone’s minds… whether or not she and Nelly hooked up over Super Bowl weekend this year. Sadly, she remained coy by saying, “I will say that there was a space where it was bad. Are we cool [now]? Yeah!”

Either way, Ashanti hopes the album will encourage others, especially young women, to take control of their lives and get out of unhappy situations so that they can eventually find true happiness.

Watch the full interview below:

Music anyone?….

Here’s the album’s tracklist, just in case you missed it or wanted to know:

1) Intro – BraveHeart

2) No Where

3) Runaway

4) Count

5) Early in the Morning (Feat. French Montana)

6) 3 Words

7) Love Games (Feat. Jeremih)

8) Scars

9) Never Should Have

10) She Can’t

11) Don’t Tell Me No

12) I Got It (Feat. Rick Ross)

13) First Real Love – Outro (Feat. Beenie Man)

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