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On tonight’s episode of “Basketball Wives: LA,” Malaysia Pargo proved that she’s not the one to be messed with, because she can easily drop the good girl act and check a broad’s attitude no matter the setting (time and place).

During the new episode, Brittish Williams — a self-proclaimed shit-starter — wasn’t too pleased with Pargo’s greeting at Jackie Christie‘s charity event in support of the gay community.

The new reality star was so irritated by Pargo’s presence that she pulled Pargo away from the crowd to find out why there’s a discrepancy between them.

It was obviously clear that Malaysia was not in the mood to chit-chat and basically wanted to throw-down, and kept doing a lot of hand gestures which quickly caused the argument to escalate.

But before things could get physical, the ladies were separated by their co-stars and VH1’s on-set security. Do you think it was right place and time for both ladies to discuss why the tension between them?


Last month, Williams told S2S magazine that she never knew Malaysia would so “mean” and “belligerent” to her.

“When I originally [saw] Malaysia on television, I thought she was going to be so sweet, so nice. Like how she portrays herself on television, she’s not like that in real life. She’s mean. She’s rude. She’s belligerent,” Brittish told Sister 2 Sister. “I was just amazed to meet her.”

Williams however believes Pargo only has an issue with her due to her loyalty to her co-star Brandi Maxiell, who first got into it with [Williams] minutes after meeting each other.

“I just really got irritated with [Malaysia] because if you don’t like me because of your friend, then just don’t speak to me. It’s not that deep,” she added, “I don’t do dry-a$ hi’s,” she said. “Those dry hi’s because you trying to see which way you should go with it, it ain’t necessary.”

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