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Basketball Wives: LA Newbie Ariane Williams Addresses Her BEEF With Draya Michele & Gives Her Some Advice

On season 3 of ‘Basketball Wives: LA,’ newbie Ariane Williams came on the scene with rage in her eyes for co-star Draya Michele, who [Ariane] says caused the demise of her relationship with ex- NBA baller, DeShawn Stevenson.

During an interview with THOHH, Williams explained why she was really angry at Michele and felt the need to confront her on the show while the cameras were rolling. She said:

“It’s crazy ’cause you really can’t get the full effect because it’s a lot that went on off camera. It started just because at what point yes, she did deal with my ex. My ex and I are really good friends, and he had an issue with the fact that she was basically going around insinuating that they had this relationship whereas to him he thought they were just f- buddies basically. They never went out, he was like they never went to dinner at a restaurant.”

Draya recently told Arsenio Hall that she believes Ariane and the rest of the ladies were’t business savvy. Now, Ariane has also responded to that comment by saying she’s the proud owner of a successful yoga company.

“The way I stand on it now is that wasn’t my issue to involve myself in because at the end of the day…those are the type of women you chose to deal with. She’s not going to be discreet and keep your name under wraps because she’s got all this respect for you and your family. She’s trying to get ahead – that’s the name of her game. So yes, if she’s got to throw a few names out there, she’s going to do so. That’s why you don’t deal with chicks like that.”

She also ended the interview by giving her on-and-off screen frenemy some relationship advice:

“I hope it works out. And then, you know what they say, karma is a b*tch. So now you’re on the other side of the coin. At first you were the girl running around here with everybody else’s boyfriends, husbands, fiancés, whatever. Now you want to be a wife, and don’t think that you’re exempt from that same scenario. Who knows, you may end up confronting a girl.”

Um, can’t you feel the shade?


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