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“Basketball Wives: LA” Star Brittish Williams Gets Shake Down For A $1800 Tax Lien Filed Against Her House

The IRS is shaking down “Basketball Wives: LA” Brittish Williams for a $1800 tax lien filed against her Los Angeles home….can’t her reality TV check or NBA player husband or alleged booming boutique income cover it?

Anyhow, Williams reportedly owes the state of Missouri $1,816.84. for personal property taxes she failed to pay in 2013. Now, a lien has been placed against her property as a result of unpaid taxes. As of today, the lien is still present at the department of taxation website.

As for her behavior on the VH1 hit show, Williams sent out the following statement saying:

Tonight was a very interesting episode, if I must say so myself. I was embarrassed by the way I behaved last episode. I didn’t even want to discuss it. But sometimes we all have bad days that we aren’t proud, so it’s time to let go and move on.

Still throwing some shade at her co-star Draya Michele:

In other scenes, I see I am the topic of discussion tonight: Aunty D (Draya), Brandi and Malyashia. I was amazed that Aunty D had the nerve to give me advice about how to be mature and last episode she expressed that she had just started wearing underwear??? MMMMMM . . . And why does she care if I hang out with Jackie??! Everyone in the group is AT LEAST 6+ years older than me. And we all know Jackie isn’t 50. . . Stop it.

And with her business, LoveofLabel boutique, receiving over 30 complaints in the last 8 months, Brittish also apologized to her customers (via Fox 2 Now):

“I would like to sincerely apologize as the founder/creator of Love of Labels to all those who were affected by the delay in items shipped. Love of Labels takes this matter very seriously, which is why we have switched to a larger manufacture that allows us to ship ALL orders the next business day. I can assure you that your concerns are not being overlooked and that we are working effortlessly to accommodate every request.”


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