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Draya Michele & Sundy Carter HUGE FIGHT On ‘Basketball Wives LA’ During Girls Trip to Palms Springs

Draya Michele is done playing nice with “Basketball Wives: LA” newbie Sundy Carter and was forced to lay hands on [Carter] during a girls peace trip to Palms Springs that was planned by Sundy.

Despite dis-inviting Brittish Williams due to her beef with Malaysia Pargo and Brandi, that however didn’t stop the girls from popping off at each other.

During their first night at a hotel in the Springs, an alcohol infused Sundy was already on the war path, poking at Draya for being a “downer” and bad mouthing her man, Orlando Scandrick.

PS: She also whisked Brandi away so she can also get a piece of her in the process.

But what really escalated the fight between Sundy and Draya was when the Fine A$$ girls boss lady called Ms. Carter “ratchet, a messy Jackie Christie adding more fuel to the fire and a glass of water to Draya’s face. Watch the sneak peak below:


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  1. Shhhhh

    March 25, 2014 at 1:58 am

    Okay, I get it now. B. Pride

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