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Floyd Mayweather Jr. HIRE Thugs To Beat The Living Daylights Out of Two Men Suspected in Jewelry Heist

Floyd Mayweather Jr. reportedly orchestrated an ass whopping of two of his employees he suspected of stealing his jewelry.

According to reports, the heavyweight champ contacted his former employees and asked them to meet him at an off-site location. When the two men arrived, they were greeted by several unknown men standing next to the boxer.

Wonder what happened next? Well, the hired thugs savage a beating that included various weapons… leaving the men with broken arms and legs. The victims were reportedly hospitalized for several days, per TMZ.

Sources say the attack was so brutal the men could have easily died.

Not only could Mayweather afford to replace the stolen jewelry, but he’s about to do some serious jail time after finding out that the victims weren’t responsible for taking the jewelry.


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