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On tonight’s new episode of “Basketball Wives: LA”, viewers got to see a violent showdown between Sundy Carter and Draya Michele after Sundy called the reality star’s son a ‘pansy child.’

But that comment didn’t slide, a ‘drunk and emotional’ Michele jumped over a couch and gave Carter a black eye just for talking smack about her son, Nikko, and folks on social media even agree with Michele for throwing the first punch.

See what they had to say below:

And that’s just a few of the angry tweets! As for giving Sundy a black eye, Draya delivered a rather sarcastic response via Twitter:

We kinda agree with them all because in a fight I think grown women with kids should never talk ill about each other’s children. The fight is between them and not their kids.

One twitter user even brought her daughter’s inappropriate pic back into existence….[next]

As for tonight’s fight, Sundy responded via Twitter:

Your thoughts?

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