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George Clooney, One Direction & Shannon Elizabeth Playing their cards right!

Money seems to grow on trees for some celebrities, but it appears it’s not enough for some –

even Hollywood’s biggest stars enjoy taking part in gambling every now and then.

The One Direction boys have landed themselves in trouble once again, this time thanks

to the oh-so-predictable bad boy behaviour of head lothario Harry Styles. A sucker for the

ladies, the teeny bop singer is alleged to have ignored the protests of his management team

and gone on a mammoth gambling session, thanks to the temptations of an older blonde

who encouraged him to gamble away thousands on a game of roulette. Dirty Harry indeed.

The casino lifestyle may come easy for some, and for we mere mortals it may be more

realistic to dabble in gambling at online casinos like Casino Tropez – but it seems the flashing

lights are a flame to the moths of the celebrity world. Here’s a look at some other celebrities

that you didn’t know liked to dabble in a spot of gambling.

Tobey Maguire

This spiderman certainly does whatever he can – including gambling away huge amounts

of his hard, crime fighting earned money. Naughty Tobey isn’t known for doing gambling in

the conventional way however – in a 2011 report by Star magazine, the star was alleged to

have made up to $300,000 dollars from illegal gambling rings in unlicensed hotels. Texas

Hold ‘Em Poker was Tobey’s weapon of choice – and it’s not just him who was involved in

the behind-closed-doors gaming.

Ben Affleck

Even the pretty boy Pearl Harbor star was alleged to have been involved in Tobey’s no-
limit games. Sadly for Ben, gambling had become something of an addiction, and he had

been treated 10 years earlier for gambling addiction at a rehab centre, at which he was also

treated for an alcohol addiction. Ben’s gambling has got him in hot water with his lady friends

too – his naughty habits allegedly did nothing for his marriage to Jennifer Garner, while an

underground poker night he hosted in 2003 did not exactly please his then beau Jennifer


George Clooney

They say life imitates art, and nothing is more fitting than the case of George Clooney, who

won our hearts back in the early noughties in Ocean’s Eleven. Sadly for George however,

he cannot claim to have the same luck as Danny Ocean. In fact, co-star and good pal Matt

Damon even ratted him out as the ‘unluckiest gambler in the world’ back in 2011 – claiming

he saw George lose 25 straight hands in a row. Whoops – looks like good looks and money

can’t help you win everything in life.

Shannon Elizabeth

Who said boys had to have all the fun? Beautiful American Pie star Shannon Elizabeth has

also been known to dabble in poker from time to time. Dabble is perhaps an understatement

– the star’s passion for poker has led to rumors that she has even set up her own gambling

ring right from her very own home – now there’s a poker night!


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