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JUICY GOSSIP! “Basketball Wives: LA” Star Sundy Carter’s Criminal Past Exposed; Baby Mama Shoplifting & More!

So with all the shade she’s been throwing at “Basketball Wives: LA alum Draya Michele about her past life as a stripper. Well, it turns out that reality star, Sundy Carter, has a criminal past too that she’s been trying to keep underwraps.

Our friends over at Rhymeswithsnitch did some digging and found out that Ms. Carter’s rap sheet is a mile long! Seems like Sundy is a bit of a kleptomaniac with several convictions for shoplifting and receiving stolen property under her belt.

Now, we have to agree with Draya, “I’m a real businesswoman. I have real businesses that I run, not businesses that I made up for the show”. What does Sundy do again? Damn, right!
Maybe that explains why Sundy keeps popping up at Draya’s club appearances (causing a racket), because she’s jealous never had a job or don’t really know how to keep it classy?!


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  1. Anonymous

    March 6, 2014 at 11:24 pm

    Who gives a FUCK….dey both have did or done things dey regret..she didn't just dog Dray. She said she was a stripper…ppl need to worry about there past skeletons & stay DA FUCK outta other pols past..DAM

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