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Doing a Vogue shoot with a naked baby isn’t as glamorous as it looks.

During an appearance on NBC’s LATE NIGHT Tuesday, reality star Kim Kardashian spoke about sharing her FIRST Vogue cover with fiance Kanye West, and admitted that their 9-month-old daughter accidentally peed on her dad during the photo-shoot.

After host Seth Meyers showed a picture of Kanye and North lounging on a couch, Kim laughed and said:

“North peed on him right at that moment and he was trying to tell me and I couldn’t really hear him. I had to get up and clean her off, clean him off. It’s a good memory.”

Though not everyone is happy about the cover, Kardashian is elated.

“To be in this same name as so many amazing people that have been on the cover is such an honor, to haveAnna Wintour pick us. I know that it’s the first of a lot. They were telling us that Kanye’s the first rapper to be on, I’m the first reality person to be on, and the first interracial couple. 

So all of these just mean so much to Kanye and I. Every girl grows up dreaming that they can be on the cover of Vogue,” she said. “And I collected vintage Vogues forever. It’s just honestly the biggest dream come true and I’m just so honored to be on the cover.”

Shooting with Annie Leibovitz and working with Vogue’s Hamish Bowles and Grace Coddington, Kim says she felt like Sarah Jessica Parker‘s most famous (and fabulous) character in Sex & The City.

“Honestly, I felt like the real-life Carrie Bradshaw. It was like the Sex and the City moment where you’re doing a shoot for Vogue and trying on wedding gowns,” she said, referring to a memorable montage in the 2008 movie.

She continued:

“I had to fly to London to meet with Sarah Burton [from Alexander McQueen]. That was a top-secret mission in itself, because I landed and all the paparazzi were there. I had to figure out how to get away from them. I need to get into this office without anyone seeing me, because if it leaked out that we really shot this—I didn’t even think the cover was an option, but it definitely would be out of the cards for us.”

As for their upcoming nuptials, Kim reveals:

“He’s super creative and I’m so excited that he’s really involved in just making sure that it all looks amazing and is amazing. He’s kind of like the strength of our relationship,” the bride-to-be said. 

“When I’m stressed out he wants to just alleviate that stress. So even if it’s something that he’s not really into, he’ll figure it out just to help me not be so stressed out.” One detail is in West’s complete control: “I’m leaving all the music up to him!” she said.

Watch the full interview below:

Contrary to reports, Kim also states that she has no plans to quit “Keeping Up With the Kardashians”:

“It is a lot of work. After doing it for this long I definitely have a lot of respect for different people in the same field. I love my job and being on the show,” Kardashian said. “I think one of the most rewarding things was our lighting guy last week, his name is Landon, he gave me a keychain and he said, ‘Here, I got this for you. I’ve worked for you on your show for eight years and you have created jobs for all of us to where I’ve now bought myself a home for me and my family.’ It was just a really cool moment.”

Good for her!

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