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Las Vegas PD Calls Reports of Floyd Mayweather Jr. Brutally Beating Employees For Jewelry Theft A “Rumor”

Last week, reports swirled claiming heavyweight champ Floyd Mayweather Jr. was implicated for hiring thugs to kidnapped and brutally beat two of his former employees after he suspected they stole his jewelry.

The men however were adamant that they never took anything from Floyd and it appears Floyd realizes that now…just a little too late. But unfortunately, — sources familiar with the situation say the attack amounts to attempted murder, mayhem and kidnapping. Both men have retained a lawyer.

As previously reported, the attack was so brutal the men could have easily died. Both men had broken arms and legs and were hospitalized for several days.

Now, Laura Meltzer, a public information officer for the Las Vegas police department, said there is no report of that incident ever happening nor have any of the victims come forward to file a criminal report.

“So I’ve been trying to put this rumor to rest all week,” she said in a phone interview. “We’ve had a variety of reports that have come out stating this event occurred. We have not had a victim come forward and make a report like what is being alleged. So if this event occurred, it’s something where the victim has not come forward to the police to make an official complaint.”

[Per NYNewsDaily] As a result, the police, led by the violent crimes unit, have not launched an investigation into the incident.

“As of right now, the bureau commander over there is not aware of any complaint that has been officially filed,” she said. “So again, if this is a victim who is choosing not to come forward and make a report – then that’s up to the victim to do. We don’t have any say in that. There is no criminal complaint on file so there is no reason to go and contact Mr. Mayweather.”

There’s also been no contact from an attorney representing any of the victims, despite a reference to a lawyer for the injured parties in the TMZ report. An attorney or a third party cannot bring forward a criminal complaint, anyway, Meltzer said.


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  1. GHHB

    March 17, 2014 at 8:12 pm

    Everybody's always hating on Floyd give him a break!

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