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Lauryn Hill Runs Into More Legal Woes; Singer Owes The IRS A Whooping $800K

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Lauryn Hill has only been out of jail for six months since being locked up for tax evasion … owing the IRS $1.8 million in taxes. Now, it looks like the singer has managed to find herself on the wrong side of the IRS again, reportedly owing them another whopping $867,000.

Hill must have pissed off someone in the IRS due to blasting government officials via her personal Tumblr, because they keep coming at her even after time spent behind bars.

Now that lengthy letter she wrote prior to being locked up is starting to make sense, (where she claims the feds is targeting her):

“To me, it is obvious that the accumulation of generational trauma and abuse have created the very behaviors the system tries to punish, by providing no sufficient outlets for the victims of institutional terror,” she claimed.

“Clearly, the institution tries to hide its own criminal history at the expense and wholeness of the abused, who ‘acting out’ from years of abuse and mistreatment, reflect the very aggression that they were exposed to,” she added.

Via NewsOne: The 38-year-old Grammy-Award winning singer, who is also the mother of six children and currently on a national tour, has been hit with seven liens beginning stemming from 2005 and ending in 2011.

RadarOnline obtained Hill’s tax documents (filed January 14th) and the New Jersey resident reportedly owes the following amounts: for 2005, $422,008.26; 2006, $19,838.75; 2007, $61,158.50; 2008, $58,405.71; 2009, $30370.91; 2010, $13,247.73; and 2011, $261,838.19.

Who knew the former Fugees singer was still making that much money? I mean, she hasn’t put out any hits in a minute.


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