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Rumor Control: Drake & Rihanna Cheating / Break-up Reports ‘not true’

Earlier this week, rumors went viral claiming Drake has “dumped” his girlfriend Rihanna for another gorgeous jump-off.

After confirming Drake and Rihanna are “officially” dating, MediaTakeOut now insists that Drizzy has already dumped the “Diamonds” songstress for ANOTHER sexy lady named, Winta’nna. What do fans think about that?

An alleged insider tells MTO that Drizzy’s OVO crew “wasn’t feeling” Rihanna’s vibe. She apparently started “acting up” on tour, so Drizzy kicked her off the tour bus after a few weeks of hooking-up!

MTO went on to report that the rapper’s posse “felt she was too bossy and condescending, especially towards Drake’s crew, so they kept pressuring Drake to cut her loose.” And supposedly it worked.

But that doesn’t mean Drizzy’s sad or heartbroken, apparently he’s already moved-on!

And just one day after dumping RiRi, the Nothing Was the Same crooner flew a stunning beauty named Winta’nna (Instagram user @rozadash) out to Ireland to join him on tour, reports MTO.

But according to Hollywood Life, that’s simply untrue. RiRi’s no longer following Drizzy on tour, but that’s because she has her own busy life to live and business to take care off in NYC!

“Drake is one of the nicest, most respectful and gentle men she’s ever met and no, hell to the naw, he didn’t say or do anything like that to her… She’s got biz to attend to and will be with him when she’s all done and that’s the truth… Unlike most b*tches, Rihanna has a million things to do, a million things to see, and millions of dollars to make. And she wishes the b*tch or b*tches who are saying Drake disrespected her would shut up.”


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