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Recently, R&B singer Tamar Braxton reportedly fired her stylist for slandering her name in the media — all for publicity…. (claims his former boss lady is a little on the cheap side and not paying her employees).

The ‘alleged’ bitter stylist DeAndre Tristan told an Atlanta blogger that he hadn’t been paid in months, which is probably why [Tamar] fired him via Instagram.

Supposedly, Tamar’s former stylist said that she got upset when asked for a contract so that their business agreement would be legally in writing. After getting a hold of the news report, Tamar then responded via Instagram and Twitter.

Even though it wasn’t quite clear at first who Tamar was talking about or what they had done to upset her, but she later answered fans questions by saying:

However, there’s gossip that the “Love & War” singer and husband Vince Herbert now owe thousands of dollars to several of [Tamar’s band members] including employees, who haven’t been paid since last year. The couple is also accused of not paying for their studio time in Los Angeles.

“I will NEVER be in THIS position again!! My mama says u FIND a FOOL you USE a fool! Know peoples intentions FIRST!” she wrote in one post. “Watch who they are friends with…if that’s not your type of crew then..RUN!!!…watch how they treat others…do they talk about others???then ..they talk about YOU too!”

She then added:

“Please remember to becareful who you TRUST & have around you!!” she added. “Some people are JUST there you USE you!! They will LIE,CHEAT & STEAL!!!…then they move on to the NEXT! Watch who calls u #sis #fam #cousin #girl when they AINT!! 9x out of 10 they out for THEM!! Keep yo on yo❤️ &your PURSE! #no?#allTRUTH”

DeAndre, who currently styles “Good Morning America” host Robin Roberts and also made this year’s OSCARS best-dressed list thanks to him, told another media site that he never chose to work with Tamar, because she saw him backstage at GMA and on the spot begged him to work for her.

I met her three years ago when she came to GMA [Good Morning America] when they first, first started the Braxtons. I saw Vince in the hallway and told him I would love to style Tamar and he was like sure give me a minute. I was waiting outside the dressing room for a minute and I went in there and spoke to everybody and introduced myself. 

At the time I was working for Robin and I told Tamar, “I want to style you.” She was like [in his best Tamar impression] “Yes, let’s make it happen [Laughter].” It happened just like that! We kept in touch and we followed each other on Twitter. We never exchanged numbers; we just kept in touch on Twitter.

He then added: 

One day she told me to call her and she just gave me her number, I was so surprised. Again, we just kept in contact. She was doing something in New York and I called Vince and I was like, ‘Vince I would love to style Tamar.” He was like alright let’s make it happen and ever since then we just been killing it!

Do you think Vince’s latest run-in with the IRS has anything to do with the couple’s financial struggles?

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