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Jumpoff GOES After Tamar Braxton’s Teddy Ruxpin “Vince Herbert”; Braxton PUTS Slur On BLAST!

Gearing up for her “Love & War” tour, Grammy-nominated singer Tamar Braxton is learning the hard way after constantly inviting several single women inside her home and allowing them to run freely around her husband Vince Herbert.

Now that she has decided to stand her guard following an incident where a jumpoff tried to make a pass at her teddy ruxpin, Braxton, who gave birth to her first newborn son baby Logan last year, recently went on a Instagram rant basically warning females (who are in a relationship) to NOT allow their single friends (something we’re all aware of) around their significant other.

She then took it Twitter:

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  1. Deirdre B Pride

    April 2, 2014 at 3:46 am

    Good advice…..

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