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Paula Deen’s Restaurant That Was Involved In Her Racial Scandal SHUTS DOWN; Deen Failed To Notify Employees of the Food Joint’s Closing

While on the move to make a grand comebackPaula Deen is releasing all the bad energy and negativity by closing the doors of her Seafood & Oyster House restaurant, (which was involved in her racial scandal last year), this week.

According to reports, due to pending lawsuits from employees, the famous country chef seemed to have taken ‘revenge’ by shutting down the restaurant and failed to inform her staff.

TMZ also reports that the employees found out about the closing when they showed up for work and saw that all the appliances have been removed.

The company did NOT tell its employees in an open meeting or face-to-face. The workers showed up this morning only to find the sign down and appliances being removed from the joint.

The only explanation was posted on the restaurant’s Facebook page this morning — “Thank you for 10 great years. Uncle Bubba’s is now closed.”

Um, that is a pretty cold hearted way to close up shop, don’t you think?

After keeping the employees who tried to tarnish her name, media sites have come to the assumption that she’s decided to give them a little pay back by leaving them unemployed.


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