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Rapper Drake Surprises 15-Year-Old Cancer Patient—Makes Dying Teen Last Wish Come True! [PHOTOS]

Following in his co-record label mate Nicki Minaj footsteps, rapper Drake recently surprised 15-year-old Kennedy Brown, a terminally ill cancer patient from Houston (who has been battling with brain caner for the past two years), by popping up at her home to spend a day.

According to SpilldaBeanz:

“When faced with the fear that her time here on earth was running out, her classmates arranged for her to get the full high school experience,—from prom to a private honorable graduation ceremony. But nothing could have prepared her for the joy she was about to feel, when meeting face to face with her idol— DRAKE!”

Gossip site NecoleBitchie also reports, last week a social media campaign was launched in an effort to get Drake’s attention with the hashtag #DrakeForKen. One student wrote to Drake saying:

Hi. I am a student at Carnegie Vanguard High School in Houston, Texas. A friend of mine has a serious case of terminal brain cancer that she has been battling for a year and a half now. Just recently, she has gotten much worse. On Monday, we will be celebrating her life, and because she is only a freshman, we will be giving her the entire high school experience in one day (prom, graduation, etc.) She is your biggest fan, and it would mean so much to her if you could come meet her or at least send something. We aren’t sure how much time she has left; she has been in hospice and is immobilized. Please help! It would mean the world to her and all of us. Thank you #Drakeforken.

A day after the campaign was launched, a rep for the “Young Money” rapper gracefully passed on the message and was reportedly in the process of recording a message for Brown. Instead of completing the audio, Drake hopped on a flight to Houston to meet the teen in person…bearing gifts!



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