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Tell The Truth, Shame The Devil! Rapper Chingy Speaks On Rumors About Him Being With A Transgendered Woman; “That Rumor Ruined My Rap Career”

Even though it’s been years since a swirling rumor of rapper Chingy having a romantic relationship with a transgender model named Sidney Starr, the “Right Thurr” hitmaker is now speaking out about the incident, which he claims sabotaged his rap career.

During an interview with Vlad TV, Chingy says he not only blamed Starr but also the people who fabricated the report.

“It goes to show you that that person who nobody knew had that much power to come out and say one negative thing about me and a whole mass of people just instantly took to it. And they didn’t have not one piece of evidence,” he said.

“I lost a deal cause of that… It was sad to me. Because it was so much bad publicity around it…I’ve never been through a sabotage situation like that. And it was so fabricated and false.”

Although Chingy confirmed he was not intimate with Starr, he did recall meeting her while she was performing as a backup dancer at one of Ludacris’ concert in Chicago. He said that [Starr] was wearing body paint and on stage with other women doing promotional shots, and in which she later asked him for a photo op.

“I thought she was a fan. I thought it was a young lady who was a fan. She seemed pretty cool. I took the picture,” he explained. But things took a turn for the worse, and he was blindsided by the relationship rumors. “Two years after that, I see something come out of some bull crap about this transsexual person was in a relationship with me. I was just like everybody else. I didn’t have a clue at what this person was talking about.”

Since then, Starr has issued a video apology to Chingy admitting to lying about the relationship:

“I met him as a fan because I was a backup dancer,” she said. “Chingy didn’t know anything about me. He didn’t know my background. He didn’t know I was transgender. I just need people to know that the things I said about Chingy weren’t true.”

And word on the street is that Chingy is ready to put the rumor behind him and head back to the recording studio.


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  1. Tank617

    May 22, 2014 at 9:42 pm

    His career was over anyway

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