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8 Celebrities Who You Won’t Believe Were Once Homeless!

The life of a celebrity is one filled with glitz, glamour, champagne and chauffeurs. Their lives are like something fresh out of a fairy tale, where they want for nothing and are adored by millions. It’s hard to believe that many celebrities in the spotlight today had quite a tough job getting to the top. It’s even harder to believe that some were homeless living on the streets or sleeping in their cars.

Take a look at these true rags to riches stories straight from Hollywood.

1) Jim Carrey

With his hilarious one-liners and amazing facial expressions, you’d think that Jim Carrey made it straight to Hollywood without so much as a casting call. However, it wasn’t all plain sailing for the star of ‘Ace Ventura’ and ‘Liar Liar’. In fact, the Canadian funnyman spent much of his childhood living in his family’s VW camper van and travelling from town to town. It wasn’t all so bad though.

Jim finally upgraded to new accommodation – a tent pitched on his sister’s lawn!

2) Charlie Chaplin

King of slapstick and star of the silver screen, Charlie Chaplin was a true Hollywood legend, but behind the smile was a very sad story. Before the age of 10, Charlie’s father died and his mother was admitted to a psychiatric hospital leaving Charlie to look after himself. Before making the big time, Charlie lived in a workhouse in South London before starting school shortly after. Luckily for Charlie, both of his parents had been in show business and so he decided to follow suit and became one of the greatest actors of the silent film era.

3) Daniel Craig

Otherwise known as “Bond, James Bond”, Daniel Craig is a huge star of the big screen and has several critically-acclaimed movies under his belt outside of the James Bond franchise. But according to a Hollywood insider, it wasn’t all beautiful girls, stunning movie locations and fast cars for this “007” star. In fact, back in the days when he was a struggling actor in London, Daniel is said to have curled up on many a park bench before turning his movie star dreams into a reality.

4) Michael Oher

Living on the streets, a mother addicted to crack and exposed to a life of crime. Life hasn’t all been spectacular touchdowns and sporting fame for football star Michael Oher. Michael had it quite rough for the first few years of his life, but has a true rags to riches story to tell. Eventually taken to live with a wealthy family (not in Bel Air, but in Mississippi), Michael was a college football star who would go on to become an NFL hero playing for the Baltimore Ravens.

5) Harry Houdini

Harry Houdini was one of the greatest magicians to ever live and his early years may explain why he wanted to plan an escape at every given opportunity. Born into a life of poverty, Harry ran away from home when he was 12 and survived on the streets by begging for coins. All of his life, Harry knew he wanted to be a magician and hopped onto a freight train to start what would be a new life full of fame and fortune.

6) Drew Carey

Many of us know him as the popular presenter of TV show ‘The Price is Right’, but Drew Carey often didn’t have enough money to eat. Carey’s father died when he was young and forced to fend for himself, he found himself homeless and on the streets. He was nothing if not resourceful and found ways to make money and survive on the streets. By selling his own blood plasma to raise enough money to buy Kraft dinners, the well-known TV personality eventually hit the big time and has never looked back.

7) Sylvester Stallone

When it comes to the Hollywood glitterati, Sylvester Stallone is a seasoned veteran. It seems hard to believe that he once lived in a bus station for a number of weeks. However, the Rocky Balboa fighting spirit was strong in young Stallone and he landed his first movie role in 1970. Paying a mere $100 a day, the movie was enough to give Sly his big break. He managed to make it back on his feet with just two days’ pay and moved out of the bus station and into the spotlight. The rest, as they say, is history.

8) Sam Worthington

Sam Worthington, star of the huge CGI hit ‘Avatar’ doesn’t have much reason to be blue right now, but it was a different story when he first started out. Before he landed the biggest gig of his life so far, Sam was living in his car on the street of Los Angeles.

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