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Grammy-Award winning singer and actress Toni Braxton is the latest celebrity to reveal that she had an abortion ten years ago.

Braxton told Entertainment Tonight that she became pregnant by her ex-boyfriend Keri Lewis, but at the time she was in the middle of a six-month prescription for Accutane, (an acne medication that causes serious complications in pregnancy).

The “Braxton Family Values” star revealed that she decided to terminate the pregnancy, and admits that her decision was caused by the refusal to care for a child due to her then lifestyle. She also admitted in her new memoir “Unbreak My Heart” that she would have come to the same conclusion even if she wasn’t on medication.

“My decision was followed by a huge amount of guilt from being raised in a strictly religious home that didn’t support abortion,” Braxton said. “When my son Diezel was diagnosed with autism, at times I felt like that was God’s way of punishing me.”

She went on to say, “Is God punishing me for that abortion?” The singer questioned if her lupus diagnosis and her parents’ messy divorce were God’s payback for having an abortion.

DID YOU KNOW? One in 10 women will have an abortion by age 20, one in four by age 30 and three in 10 by age 45.

The full interview airs today (May 19th). Watch the preview clip of the interview below:

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