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Rapper Waka Flocka has given up his bachelor life to secretly marry his fiancee and “Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta” newbie Tammy Rivera.

Despite saying he’ll never get married and his mom, Deb Antney being excited about planning his wedding, the Atlanta-native and Rivera recently eloped without informing Deb, who took pride in the idea of “giving him away” on his wedding day, reports RumorFix.

Waka’s mom reacted to the news by saying:

“I was selfish. I wanted to be a part of it. They got a marriage license about two weeks ago without me knowing it. He kept his word. He said that he was going to marry her and he did it on his terms. It was very cute to me. I’m happy. This goes to show how [responsible my son] is.”

Rivera recently spoke with VH1 about Waka’s history of infidelity, but insists the rapper is now a changed man.

“I’m not going to lie, h was off the chain when I first met him and I didn’t know it. Once I found out the sh*t he was doing you couldn’t pay me to believe that was the man I was in love with because he never showed me that side. I’m not going to fake and act a certain way. No he was a dog ass n***a. But, he has changed tremendously. When I say that I can’t emphasize that enough. When I look at him now I know there has to be a God because I know God has heard my prayers. Only God can change a man in the way that Waka changed.”

This is Waka Flocka’s first marriage and Tammy’s second. The reality star has a daughter from her first marriage and [Waka] doesn’t have any children.

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