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During the taping of season 3 of “Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta” earlier this year, we reported that a massive fight broke out at Benzino and Stevie J‘s “Sleazy & Zino” Bistro & Bar grand opening.

The VH1 cameras were rolling the entire time and photos from the venue were leaked online showing the cast feuding with each other, but what we didn’t see was how nasty the incident was.

Now, over the weekend a raw video footage of reality star Shay Johnson and Joseline Hernandez‘s friend brawl went viral online. Watch the bloody incident below:

While were not sure what caused the incident, but after seeing Shay showing the female her cell phone before smashing a alcohol bottle in her head, it’s safe to say they were fighting over Lil Scrappy a dude.

Our friends over at FreddyO previously reported:

“Apparently while in the VIP section; Shay felt like she was being disrespected by Joseline’s extra close female friend, who felt like Shay needed to get the hell on. 

The two exchanged some words and Scrappy’s mom, Momma Dee, also felt the need to voice her opinion on what was going on. Momma Dee quickly stepped to the defense of Shay and let it be known that you will not disrespect anybody on the throne.”

Following that royal proclamation the girls got into an even more heated discussion. Allegedly Joseline’s extra, extra, extra close female friend swung on Shay and allegedly Shay defended herself. The two got into a crazy, fight, knock out battle you would have thought it was a group of men fighting.

What We Do Know! During the altercation, Momma Dee was hit in the jaw and someone from Shay’s entourage threw a bottle and hit Joseline’s close friend (who was fighting with Shay) in the face…creating quite a bloody scene.

Shay was however dragged away by the show’s security, and let’s just say she didn’t leave quietly. She reportedly hurled words at Momma Dee and Joseline’s friends…. threatening to “kill someone.”

Image credit: Freddyo

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  1. I'm still trying to figure thsi mes out. The description that Freddy gave above does not match what happened in the video. Freddy is saying she was hit by a random bottle during the melee and that doesn't appear to be it in the vid. IDK….Just sayin' I thought it may have been Althea Heart, but clearly it wasn't she looks a lot like Mashonda to me. I hope she's okay. Whatever happened, it was really messed up to see her like that.

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