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Either she’s just bitter, or feels the need to expose her ex-husband because she is hurt by his dirty ballin’ actions.

After winning the NBA Championship a few days ago, Tim Duncan‘s positive media attention has taken a left turn, according to BMS. Tim’s wife, Amy Duncan — who filed for divorce back in March — is claiming her soon-to-be ex- husband was having an affair with his best friend who so happens to be a guy.

The site also reports that Amy hired a private investigator to trail Tim and found evidence that proves he had been sleeping with a guy while they were married.

A source claims that Duncan met his male lover during his college years and had lived together throughout college, as well as years afterward. “[Tim’s] lover even lived with him and Amy during the first two years of their marriage, before Duncan finally bought the man a condo of his own,” says the source.

The source went on to say, “Duncan is now working to have a gag order placed on Amy to keep his bisexuality a secret.”

“Amy treated Tim like a b*tch throughout their marriage because she knew he was f**^*ng his BFF. Tim knows Amy was cheating on him but he’s willing to give her whatever she wants, because he doesn’t want Amy to tell the world that he’s bisexual.”

Tim, his estranged wife and the man she claims tore them apart – allegedly, also took a family fun day photo together. See photo above!

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