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Earlier this year, rapper Cee Lo Green announced that he won’t be returning to NBC’s “The Voice,” and now the singer is opening up about why he really quit the singing competition.

Green, who has been replaced by Pharrell Williams on the show, recently told US Weekly that “The Voice” became too much like a job as soon when the fun had stopped. “It easily and quickly became a job. Very, very obligating… Taxing and [exhausting]… I still tip my hat to Adam and Blake and those guys who continuously do it, but I think I ran my course there just naturally,” the 40-year-old music producer said.

Green went on to say that he will continue to cherish those memories he had from being on the spinning chair. “Amicably, we parted ways. I’ve got some very great memories there. It really has everything to do with me having the leverage to go elsewhere and be a success as well.”

DID YOU KNOW? Green and Christina Aguilera both joined Shelton and Levine when the show first premiered in 2011.

After both Shakira and Usher Raymond spent time as judges on the program, Stefani, 44, and Williams, 41, will take their turns in the red chairs this fall. Green had some words of wisdom for the newbies.

“Find a happy space… Just find it enjoyable, and as long as you’re passionate about discovering new talent and really helping people and encouraging them to be themselves and live out loud and follow their dreams, then you should have no problem.”

Meanwhile, Green is currently working on his reality show, “The Good Life” — premiered June 23 on TBS — which focuses on Cee Lo and his collaborators re-launching the Goodie Mob, the singer-songwriter’s former hip-hop group.

Watch the clip below:

Image credits: TBS/NBC

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