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Not only is the Kardashian family happy with Khloe Kardashian‘s new rapper boyfriend, French Montana, (except for Kris Jenner), but so is Kim Kardashian‘s husband, Kanye West.

Montana recently shared with Complex Magazine that he shares a great bond with Yeezy. “Kanye’s overseeing the production of my entire album,” said Montana, 29. “I just wanna give my fans what they know me for. I don’t want to change with what people are following.”

Kim’s husband is reportedly helping Khloe’s beau out with his “producing and rapping” skills. “We did like, four songs.” Montana also told MTV that he had collaborated on five tracks and previewed one of his new tracks, “Bang,” featuring Yeezy last Wednesday, (July 9.)

Montana,who’s currently working on the follow-up to his debut record, ‘Excuse My French,’ also revealed that West, 37, was actually going to “sign him at one point in his career.” The “Cocaine Mafia” rapper said, “since around that time, we both had great chemistry and a great relationship.” He adds, “that’s Kanye, man, we just sit down and talk about everything’s that going on with hip-hop… this and that.”

At her 30th birthday bash in Las Vegas, Khloe told Us Weekly, “French is just what I need right now.”

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