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I’m never the one to judge, but this dude still sounds crazy!

Rapper Andre Johnson, who mutilated himself and then leaped from the second level of a Los Angeles building while under the influence, has broken his silence about what happened that night in April of this year.

“Yes, I was using drugs that night, but I was in complete control,” he told E! News. “I cut it off because that was the root of all my problems. My solution to the problem was the realization that sex is for mortals, and I am a god. …Those kinds of activities got me into trouble, and I came here to be a god.”

Johnson performs under the name Christ Bearer and his group Northstar was affiliated with the Wu-Tang Clan. Johnson said he hadn’t spoken out on the incident before because “People perceived me as crazy, so I never wanted to speak wholeheartedly on the matter,” but insists he knew what he was doing.

Doctors weren’t able to reattach the penis, Johnson told E!. “[I had] been seeing a psychologist after I was discharged and has been deemed okay,” he said.

“I was thankful to God,” Johnson said when he awoke in the hospital still alive.
“I didn’t want to kill myself.” “That was just my response to the demons. They were doing their best to get to me, but being alive solidified my thoughts. …I’m alive, penis or no penis.”

Johnson rep also released a statement regarding his suicide attempt, a day after the incident went viral. “I feel terrible for what happened to Andre Johnson,” Wu-Tang publicist Heathcliff Berry tells Us Magazine. “I hope he finds peace and gets the help that he needs,” Berry adds, “I feel terribly for his family, but he is not in Wu-Tang Clan.”

So does this mean he will be batting for the other team?

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