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Amber Rose & Wiz Khalifa Responds to Kanye West’s Nasty Twitter Comments


Kanye West may have started a Twitter feud with Amber Rose and Wiz Khalifa that will only end badly.

On Tuesday night, Mr. West went on a serious twitter rant to blast Khalifa after he changed the title of his upcoming album from “Swish” to “Waves,” which quickly got a reaction from Wiz.

Via Hip-Hollywood:

“Wiz claims it was rapper Max B who created the “Wave.” “Please don’t take the wave,” Khalifa tweeted.

And to add more fuel to the fire, Kim Kardashian‘s husband gave 17 reasons why Wiz was wrong about Waves, and even dragged the rapper’s son and baby mama into the mix.

Here’s where things get a little out of hand, and had Twitter folks blasting Kanye for bringing a child into his Twitter rant:


Amber also revealed that Kanye might be into some freaky ish via Twitter:

Like WTF?? (See more tweets HERE)


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