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OH NO SHE DIDN’T! Janet Hubert Blast NeNe Leakes For Being Ratchet!

It looks like Janet Hubert aka ‘Aunt Viv’ is trying to revive her acting career by going after trending celebs.

Hubert, whose acting career ended when her contract was terminated from the “Fresh Prince of Bel Air” sitcom, is not so fixated on the whole Jada and Will Smith Oscar fiasco anymore, in fact she has now changed her aim to blast NeNe Leakes for making millions by being ratchet.

Page Six reports that Janet thinks “ghetto” stars are being rewarded for their bad behavior and NeNe is proof.

“Did you know NeNe made it on Broadway before Janet Hubert? Something’s wrong with the whole system of bad behavior being rewarded,” she said. “I think in the black community, ratchet has became the new black, ghetto has become the new black.”

Do you think Janet has a point with her comments or she’s just a bitter actress looking for another way to make it big in Hollywood?

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