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We have seen some scary on-screen brawls on “Basketball Wives” — main reason as to why the Miami spin-off was cancelled — but the cat fights are back and Ms. Tami Roman has the HOTS for co-star, Duffey aka DJ Duffey. Read more inside>>

On Sunday night’s season 5 episode of “Basketball Wives: LA”, Jackie Christie’s girls trip to Portugal went from a trip to unwind and bond in light of her 20th wedding to husband Doug Christie to a scary lunch brawl that may result in one woman being sent home early.

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During the girls’ beach day, Jackie got really upset and with a few drinks already running through her system it wasn’t long before she exploded on the girls for being debbie downers.

So as Duffey and Jackie were ordering drinks for the ladies, Jackie turned around only to see that the ladies were packing up their things to head back to the bus to go grab dinner.

As they were seated for some fine Portugal cuisine, Jackie felt like all the girls did not want to participate in her drinking game as much as she would have liked them to and that changed the mood very quickly…. causing her to pretty much speak her mind.

The heated discussion was pretty much an open window for Duffey to speak on her beef with Tami. “I honestly believe [Tami] lied to everyone about what really happened with her daughter Jazz and [myself] being fired“, Duffey said.

Tami, however, tried to be the bigger person by walking away….but Duffey’s rant only caused her to throw the first punch.

Tami’s fellow co-stars Brandi, Shaunie, Malaysia and several security guards tried separating the women from what could have been a bloody altercation. Gladly, no one was hurt and weaves were still intact! THE SHADE!

Duffey was also told by Brandi to go back to her hotel room, but the moment security finally releases Tami, she told Shaunie and Malaysia that her feud with Duffey isn’t over and makes a run for it.

All we could see is Tami running after Duffey with cameras and security including the girls trying to stop her. Be sure to watch part two of the explosive fight next Sunday on VH1.

Do you think Duffey was wrong for going off on Tami who had previously told her their beef had been squashed?

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