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Kordell Stewart is known for living a squeaky clean and secret life, which explained why he was so adamant about his ex-wife Porsha Williams joining the cast of the “Real Housewives of Atlanta” on Bravo.

The former pro-athlete reportedly did not like his wife having a voice and doing get-together/girls-outting without his permission, controlling much? But where not here to relive that situation.

Now, a tape have surfaced with Stewart videochatting with his alleged ex-boyfriend, Andrew Caldwell — these days everybody’s pitching for the same team — because after showing his joy-stick, he then showed off his ass-sets for the world to see.

The video is however way too x-rated for us to show, but if google the tape, you’ll definitely see Kordell’s full monty.

So far, Stewart has denied having an affair with Caldwell, even taking the matter to court. But it looks like Caldwell never got the court papers, see why below:

“I was never served,” he says in a Facebook Live video. “I was never served with a lawsuit about Kordell Stewart. Kordell is trying to make up his 15 minutes of fame.” He went on to say that the former NFL player is going to need some “powerful lawyers” in order to get a dime out of him.

See clip below:

It looks like someone’s not owning up to their dirt, Kor — cough, cough — dell. Porsha also believes it’s “a publicity stunt that Kordell and maybe one of his partners in crime came up with.” Honestly.

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