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If you have recently taken on a job as manager of a musical act, you need to know how to advertise.

Reaching a whole new level of success in the industry all comes down to your ability to get your act heard on the radio. But, first, you will need to create momentum for your act and, to do this, you’ll need for them to attain to a high level of status on the Internet. 40,000 Facebook likes may not qualify an act for superstar status, but it will be a solid starting point. An act with a sizable presence on the web is one that radio programmers are sure to take due notice of.

Social Media is an Excellent Venue to Get Recognition for your Artist 

World class artist managers, such as Coran Capshaw among others, have proven the old adage that an old dog is capable of learning new tricks. In this case, old school artist managers have managed to adapt to the age of the internet. They have learned how to advertise the wares of their artists on a whole new international platform. By doing this, they have learned how to break new artists Facebook and Youtube rather than the traditional mediums of radio and TV. After a video gets 100,000 plays on Youtube, radio is forced to pay attention, but the traditional route of progress has been inverted.

How Can You Turn Facebook Likes into Internet Radio Exposure?

Capshaw and other modern artist managers have found a way to turn Facebook likes into radio plays. Part of this has been due to the rise of Internet radio stations. These stations rely on the support of listeners who tune into them via jump-off locations on social media pages. Thus, social media and Internet radio exist in a symbiotic relationship that a savvy manager can exploit in order to gain widespread recognition for the acts they represent. The relationship that exists between these two mediums is more proof that the traditional methods of advertising have been supplanted by the new.

A Solid SEO Campaign is the Way to Build an Internet Following 

If you are new to the artist management industry and looking for the quickest way to make a major splash on the Internet, the best way to do it is to mount an SEO campaign. When you combine a website with full social media network exposure, you give yourself a solid platform from which to reach the public. Your next step is to use the principles of SEO to gain more exposure for your project. By making use of the most relevant and “in demand” keywords and phrases, you can increase the visibility of your act by an exponential margin in a very short period of time.

While SEO exposure is no guarantee of the superior quality of your act, it is an indicator that the public is bound to recognize. An act with a Facebook page that garners thousands of likes in a short amount of time is one that the public will want to check out. From there, it’s a matter of using your social media exposure to take your act to the next level through solid exposure via radio and live performances.

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