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A 10 minute workout is the perfect choice for business individuals that
are short on time. Sometimes it’s tough to find 30 minutes to an hour during
the day to spend exercising. However, new studies show that a daily workout of
just 10 minutes is enough to provide significant benefits to your body.
These short bursts of exercise are excellent for individuals that are
fitness beginners or those that have medial problems keeping them from
exercising vigorously for longer periods. So
what are the benefits of a 10 Minute Workout?
Well, just doing a 10
minute workout on a regular basis can provide many excellent benefits to your
body and improve your health.
One study done recently showed that exercise affects various
metabolites in the body that work to improve blood sugar levels, burn fat and calories,
and helps to increase energy levels. The great thing is that these metabolites
were affected with just 10 minutes of exercise. In fact, even an hour after the
quick workout, the changes within the body were still measurable.
Get the most from your short
daily workout!
This will also help to eliminate toxins from the body,
help strengthen the heart and improve blood flow throughout the body. While
getting active for 10 minutes each day can offer benefits, no matter what you
do, there are specific ways to make the most of your short workout.
REMEMBER: Your goal
should be to make each workout get your heart pumping hard while doing moves to
tone muscles and burn off fat and calories.
Here are a few options you can try when you only have 10 minutes.
The Bootcamp Routine
Do a bootcamp style routine that combines strengthening calisthenics
with aerobic activity to maximize your time.
  • Begin with a quick stretching warmup for 30 seconds.
  • Then do 30 seconds of fast paced jumping jacks.
  • Next, add a minute of stepups on a stairstepper, on a curb or steps
    near your home.
  • Now, spend four minutes alternating jogging and sprinting.
  • Take a minute and do as many push-ups as possible.
  • Now get to your feet and do squats while curling dumbbells for a
  • Move into a plank position and hold it for a minute.
  • After the plank position, do 30 seconds more of jumping jacks and
    then slowly jog in place to cool down for another 30 seconds.
The AB Workout
Toning your core is important and a quick 10 minute workout is a
perfect way to tone abs and eliminate belly flab.
– Start out by doing slow crunches with your legs extended for 10-20
– Then continue crunches while bringing your knee towards your chest,
alternating knees. Do this for 10 reps on each leg.
– Then do 20-30 reps or basic crunches, spending some time resting
after these are complete.
– After a short resting period, do 25-30 reps of reverse crunches,
which work the lower abdominal muscles.
– Last, finish up with bicycle crunches, which work well on the oblique
Why not commit to a workout regime each day and trust, you will see

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