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F**K Her! …. Producer Rico Love BLAST Miley Cyrus for Pulling “Culture” Stunt For Fame!

Rico Love is letting everyone know that he’s not #TeamMiley, and in fact, he recently commented on one of Miley Cyrus‘ Instagram post about using “African American” dancers in her performances. READ MORE HERE >>>

Let’s back track on what sparked the beef between Rico and Cyrus. So despite twerking her way to the top of the music charts and acting out of the norm, all while using using Black women with massive assets as props, Miley recently announced that she no longer listens to rap music because it’s too misogynistic.

Of course, a comment like that will get a reaction out of any industry entertainer and forced producer and singer Rico Love to weigh in on Miley’s declaration. Here’s what Miley wrote on Instagram:

Rico then responded to her IG post by saying; “She’s a clown. F**k her. I knew she’d do that sh*t. I called it a long time ago.”

But in the 23-year-old’s defense, the new change comes from her rekindled romance with fiance Liam Hemsworth and re-branding her image to release new “clean” music….going back to her Hanna Montana days.


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