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Kendall Jenner: “Don’t Judge Me For Embracing My Sexual Side… I Don’t Do it Often!”


Kendall Jenner‘s sense of style can sometimes be mistaken for RACY, let’s just say, doing too much for attention, especially on red carpets. READ MORE HERE >>>>

But “The Keeping up with the Kardashian” reality star and model recently explained to famed photographer Mario Testino that she doesn’t want fans to judge her for dressing a certain type of way, showcasing her ass-ets (cough, cough — the 2017 Met Gala in New York City) because she “don’t get to do it often.”

During Testino’s podcast, Jenner said that her approach to fashion is a reflection of the types of photo-shoots she wants to explore….it’s a desire of hers to do sexier photos/work.

Via People’s Magazine:

“I don’t get to be hot very often,” Jenner told Testino. “I love going like, sexual, because I don’t get to do it.”

Testino offered a possible explanation for Jenner’s lack of “sexual” work: “It’s so weird because you have the body,” he responded. “I think that maybe people are intimidated to take you there. Maybe you’ve done a lot of American Vogue and it’s not about that and it’s more about clothes.”

Kendall and A$AP Rocky gets cosy at the Met Gala after-party in NYC.

The Victoria’s Secret angel, who has even found her ways around Instagram’s no-nudes policy, also told W magazine that she loves her “tits being out,” and hopes that the modeling industry will be willing to take more risks when it comes to conceptualizing her work.


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