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Actress Olivia Wilde took to her Twitter account on Monday to express her displeasure with President Donald Trump, but many Trump and non-Trump supporters are accusing her of body-shaming.

Wilde tweeted, “President Fatty McFatface,” but was then quickly criticized by her fellow anti-Trump supporters for “body-shaming” the President.

“President Fatty McFatface is sadly as dangerous as he is humiliating,” the 33-year-old Rush and Tron: Legacy star wrote in a Memorial Day tweet, linking to a critical op-ed by New York Times columnist Paul Krugman.

See some Twitter users response below:

@oliviawilde I join you in your frustration with this man but can u move away from body shaming? It perpetuates fatphobia which hurts everyone.

— Ali (@ali1976fields) May 29, 2017

@oliviawilde as much as i hate him, can you please not fat shame him or anyone else, for that matter? it would mean a lot! thanks!

And although many people’s reactions to the results of the presidential election — of course not all, voters — was shocked, in some disbelief, lack of understanding and despair, it looks like people will just have to think twice about the words they use to insult thy dear President or anyone in general.

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