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RECAP: “Basketball Wives” Evelyn Lozada and Tami Roman Best-friends Again, Jackie the Villan!

Let’s get into it….

A lot has transpired on VH1’s “Basketball Wives” franchise, and the
latest season packs a lot of the expected drama and with two BBW alumni’s becoming best friends again!

For starters, the first two episodes of Basketball Wives centered mainly around realty star Jackie Christie,
her rocky relationship with her oldest daughter, Takari, and welcoming her fourth grandchild. As an excited grandmother, Jackie decides to throw a Glam-Ma bash to
celebrate the birth of her fourth grandchild, that however, didn’t go as planned as some of the girls had issues that needed to be laid out on the table, so to say, and some of the girls namely Evelyn Lozada and Shaunie O’Neal, decided to not part take in the festivities.
We also witnessed Jackie’s annoyance over Evelyn’s donation to her daughter
Takari’s GoFundme page for her eldest
son’s burn wounds… as they would, a good deed never goes “unpunished” –literally. As a result, Shaunie and
Evelyn speculated as to why there is a party in the first place given all the strain and media attention surrounding Jackie’s parenting skills along with her daughter asking for money via social media.
Eventually, both women decide it’s in everyone’s best interest not to attend,
or as Evelyn put it “this party is going to be nothing but bad for me…”.
Tami, on her part, accepted Jackie’s party invitation after consulting with her attractive baller-built boyfriend Reggie. She feels unsure of whether or not
to attend and considers her friendship with Jackie as “fake.” According to her,
Jackie allowing Evelyn to talk trash about her and called her all sorts of names behind her
back makes her not such a good friend. Her boyfriend Reggie, however, convinces
her to put their issues aside and attend the party.
Jackie’s Glam-Ma party is finally here and as expected the highlight of the event revolved around her issues with Tami.

Tami confronted Jackie about allowing Evelyn to trash talk her like “a motherf*****g dog.” Jackie
tries to explain but their voices escalate into a shouting match. Jackie eventually
admits that she never read Tami’s text. Tami walks out in anger while Jackie is
left frustrated.

Newbie, Cristen Metoyer, decided to go check on Tami, where Tami proclaims herself
to be the most loyal friend a person could have. Jackie also tries to move on
from their issue by hanging out with new cast members Keonna and Elena….that
ends up in yet another argument between the girls, mainly about Elena flaunting
her text message relationship with Keonna’s children’s father and ex-high school sweat-heart, Nick Young.
The final showdown happens between Tami and Jackie again.
On her way out of the less-than-fun party, Jackie calls out Tami for apparently
rolling her eyes at her. Another shouting match ensues in which Tami reveals
that she thinks Evelyn not only sees her as a competition but also tries to
copy everything she does.

Other highlights included Tami’s first book signing for
her newly released nonfiction book “Mistress 101”. The event seemed to be going
down smoothly until Jackie showed up uninvited but with the good intention of
apologizing, however, nothing was resolved and both women are left

But the highlight of last Monday night’s episode revolved mainly around Tami and Evelyn putting their issues to the side and all it took was both ladies apologizing to each-other at the same damn time. Oh yeah, Shaunie played the mediator so the ladies didn’t have the chance to bump fist or break glass inside a fancy Los Angeles restaurant.

What did you think of the latest episode? Let us know in the comments below….


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