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Folks have been saying for decades that “love don’t cost a thing,” a famous saying that even pop superstar Jennifer Lopez cosigned on one of her greatest hits of all time. But why do women want their significant other to go over the top to get that sparkly diamond? Why walk around with a down-payment on a house on your finger? Well, the answer is, there’s never just one answer.

When it comes to engagement rings, whatever your budget, golddiggers often say always strive to buy the best diamond you can afford despite what your significant other may think after you present it to them. What they’re really trying to say is, make sure you can see that ring from MARS!

Isn’t it the love that counts? Perhaps, the real question should be: what’s your budget, because he or she could careless how much you love them.

We get that a ring’s price is often at the forefront of decision making. Focus on getting the best diamond, for the best possible price, squarely within your comfort zone.

An editor at HelloBeautiful wrote:

The size of the ring is not a reflection of the relationship itself or the love that couple has for one another. The ring is simply a symbol of commitment, and the relationship needs to out-shine that diamond (or ruby, or sapphire, or whatever jewel you want) no matter what size it is. That’s where the focus should be.

So the moral of the story, the ring is not the defining factor that should motivate anyone to accept or reject a proposal. The love you have for the person who gave it to you (and the thought they put into it) should.

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