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We all knew Blac Chyna wasn’t just going to give up her daughter without a fight, in fact, the mother of two almost lost her custody battle before she even got a chance to state her case before a Los Angeles judge.

On Friday (August 18), Chyna and her lawyers attended a custody hearing along with Rob Kardashian and his legal team, but became really upset after seeing his Range Rover.

Sources claim that when Rob called for his Range, but was still in the building, Chyna – who left the meeting first – hopped into the driver’s side of [Rob’s] car about to put the pedal to the metal when one of her lawyers quickly stopped her.

“That’s not a good idea,” Chyna’s lawyer reportedly said, with the help of a valet , who finally got her out of Rob’s car.

Per TMZ:

Chyna’s attorney, Lisa Bloom, who was also at Friday’s custody battle proceedings, denies that her client attempted to drive off in the Range, but did acknowledge that she was pissed upon seeing it.

The vehicle was reportedly a gift to Rob from Chyna, but was never returned to her after their nasty split. Even though she returned the Lamborghini and Ferrari Rob gave her, Bloom said Chyna had a few “choice words” when she saw the Range Rover, but didn’t say exactly what her client said.

So far, the custody battle is already off to a bad start and Ms. Bloom also says the custody hearing is next month and even revealed that she plans to raise allegations that Rob committed domestic violence during their relationship.

The kardashian team plans to fight the allegations and denies there was ever any domestic abuse between the former couple.

Chyna also plans on suing her child’s father for sharing several X-rated photos of her on his social media accounts during one of his melt downs.

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