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The man who accused Usher Raymond of infecting him with herpes has revealed that they had sex in a spa at Los Angeles.

The man who is the third person to accuse the musician of infecting him with herpes. Usher has also been accused by two other women named Laura Helm and Quantasia Sharpton. Laura said the singer infected her with the virus after having sex twice and noticing he always rushed to the shower before ejaculating. She said she noticed a swell inside her cheeks and a green pea sized swelling on her private organs after the encounter. While Quantasia claimed he did not inform her about having herpes when she had sex with him at his concert two years ago, she said she was handpicked from the club to meet the singer backstage and followed him to his hotel room, former employees of the hotel claimed they saw the singer and Sharpton that night.

Although, this male accuser has made people wonder if the “Confessions” singer is bisexual and how much his supposed private life is a facade.

The man along with the other women named have opened a lawsuit against Usher through their attorney, Lisa Bloom. Lisa Bloom is the attorney who stood for Blac Chyna in her lawsuit with Rob kardashian, she also represents Montia Sabbag in her extortion case against Kevin Hart.

Usher’s lawsuit which is worth $20 million has left a threat to his career, although his wife Grace Miguel of two years, who he married at a private ceremony in cuba September 2015, is not disturbed by these accusations as one of the accusers, Laura Helm is a friend to the ex wife of the musician whom he separated from eight years ago. Grace has stood by her husband in the midst of the troubles of the lawsuit.

Usher who was said to have contracted herpes in 2009 or 2010 according to reported documents had his first victim in the year 2012 with the woman winning the lawsuit against him and got paid a sum of 1.1 million, he is reportedly worth 180 million US dollars and also a co-owner of Cleveland Cavaliers.

Mr. Raymond has been known to be an entertainer with great sex appeal through his singing and dancing talents  and having dated one of the TLC singers and hitting platinum with his 2004 hit ‘confessions ‘ album has made people wonder if he has more confessions to the world. Although Usher has been known to own up to his mistakes and pay for them, he has refused to have STD tests and also denies having herpes telling one of his accusers to get checked, he also said she knew what she was getting into by having unprotected sex with him. The attorney for the three accusers, Lisa bloom mentioned that she just wanted the suits easily closed to make sure if the musician had herpes or respected his fans who went out of their way for him. If these accusations turn out to be true, then the accusers would have smiles on their faces while walking to the bank to get their cash out


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