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If you haven’t yet heard, today is


People all over the world are rocking their ugliest, most festive sweater in hopes that they, too, can be part of something exciting this holiday season. What constitutes an Ugly Christmas Sweater, you may ask? Well, according to most, the ugliest sweater means it is adorned with the most glitter, tinsel and well known Christmas characters such as reindeer, Santa or even a leg lamp!

The Ugly Christmas Sweater dates back to the 1980’s when gaudy, loud fashion was an “in” thing. Originally, these sweaters were manufactured as “Jingle Bell Sweaters” and the parties were thrown to make fun of parents and the styles they used to deem as cool. In fact, the very first Ugly Christmas Sweater party was held in Vancouver, Canada in 2002 so the tradition is not as old as you may think!

Today, these parties are extremely popular and now there is a whole day dedicated to it! Hurry up, throw on the nearest ugly sweater and join the celebration!

If you’re on the hunt for a new Ugly Christmas Sweater we’ve lined up a few that we believe are perfect for this day and any party during the holiday season. Which one is your favorite?

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