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Back in 2014, Emma Watson stepped out in a tailored, yet feminine suit for her appearance on Late Night with David Letterman. She looked smart, powerful and yet stunningly beautiful.

During the 2018 award show season, we have already seen two variations of the classic suit step out onto the red carpet. Claire Foy, star of the Crown, opted for full black at the Golden Globes. Her red lip and low cut jacket were the statement she needed to stand out.

A few weeks later, Chloe Grace Moretz donned a longer, more feminine style at the Sundance Film Festival. Her ruffled collar was a throw back to Shakespeare’s time, but her pointy toed heels kept things modern. You have to stay on the best dressed list when your boyfriend’s mom is Victoria Beckham!

With two bold statement suits being photographed in less than a month, 2018 is bound to be filled with tailored pieces. We have picked out some of our favourite (and affordable!) menswear inspired pieces to share with you!

Would you opt for classic, like Emma Watson? Feminine like Chloe Grace Moretz? Or bold like Claire Foy? Tell us below!

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