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Singer Brian McKnight and Leilani Malia Mendoza have tied the knot and apparently this nuptial came as a no shocker to fans and broke no hearts in the process. Details below…..

On Monday, McKnight happily shared a series of photos from his wedding on Instagram with the intent to update fans on how he spent celebrating New Years Eve night in downtown Manhattan, NY.

Though the singer described the event as the “happiest day of their lives”, this however backfired on him as fans bashed him for ending his decades long marriage for a woman they claimed caused the demise of previous his marriage.

The ceremony, which was held inside a reserved building in the city, had an only close family and friends invite. McKnight’s bride wore a stunning Sabrina and Mannings gown embellished with 50,000 Swarovski crystals.

The newly-weds have been together since 2014 and first announced their engagement in May 2017.

Some fans reacted to the singer’s wedding with some very harsh comments. One fan called him a “wife beater,” and another fan said, “his own kids called him a jerk.”

Another social media critic also dished on some juicy TEA:

I had a friend years ago attend one of his concerts with backstage passes. It was like a lineup of other artists as well.

So when she had the opportunity to meet him, he was like “if you are not here to f–k, don’t say anything to me”

I usually don’t do he say, She say… But I heard from other people folks thAT he was an a-sh—e to them as well.

Maybe with age he was humbled.

And on that note!

FYI: The 16 time Grammy nominated musician was previously married to Julie McKnight, with whom he has two children. The former couple got divorced back in 2013 with his own kids saying he wasn’t the father figure people portrayed him to be. Ouch!

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