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Will this Black Hood mess ever end? We finally found out who the real culprit is, and now there’s a copy cat still on the loose?! This is too much.

It does seem moderately safe to say that Hiram Lodge is somehow behind this copycat, especially since he put out a $1 million bounty for anyone who could catch the killer while simultaneously orchestrating chaos for the town by inviting the Ghoulies and Penny Peabody back to Riverdale.

Despite his precarious tip-toeing around the law, Hiram has seemed like a loyal husband and father, but was it all an act? That “October Surprise” to reveal his wife’s affair looks worse for Hermione, the married woman whose husband was in jail, than for Fred, the separated single dad. Plus, in general, when it comes to relationship scandals, society tends to sympathize with a man and demonize a woman (we all know about #MeToo). And Hiram didn’t seem that concerned for his family when he found out Hermione and Veronica were almost murdered in cold blood by Poppa Poutine’s son.

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