16 Year Old Backtracks After Claiming She Spent The Night With Lil Wayne

Last week, a 16 Year old Canadian girl name Sarah met Lil Wayne after his show in Montreal and was invited back to his tour bus. The next day, she uploaded the photos to facebook claiming that she had just spent the night with him and the photos somehow fell in the hands of bloggers (via friends of Sarah who emailed them perhaps??).
Now Sarah, has created a youtube video denying anything ever happened between her and Weezy, who’s currently on probation.

‘For all you dirty minded people, saying you spent the night is about the amount of time and I’m glad I spent that amount of time with one of the greatest people out there so thank you haters for giving me my 15 minutes of fame. I really appreciate it but it’s really a shame that the best rapper alive may have gotten his reputation stained for it.’

Meanwhile, her friend, Snooki had to get a one liner in there:

‘F*ck what ya heard, recognize what you see’

You’d think rappers would have these thirsty opportunists present ID’s and sign confidentiality agreements before entering their tour bus.

n below:

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