Memphitz SPEAKS ON His Side Of K. Michelle’s Abuse Allegations & Dating “Love & Hip Hop” Star Ariane! (Audio)

Tonight’s the finale of Vh1’s hit reality tv show “Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta” and the silent winter birds are singing like it’s the hot summer weather!

R&B singer K. Michelle has told her story of surviving an abusive relationship while being with her ex/producer Memphitz. Though she’s never mentioned his name, K. Michelle says she was in an abusive relationship with a former record label exec. More details below…………….

Toya Wright’s husband Memphitz, is finally breaking his silence to talk about his relationship with K.

While on the show, K. Michelle told other cast members about how she was smothered with a pillow with severe carpet burns on her thighs and slapped around by her former lover. 

However, in an interview with TT Torrez, Memphitz claims he never put his hands on her and she attacked him. He says the infamous altercation took place after she kept embarrassing him at meetings and demanded her to go wait for him in their hotel room. Where he goes on saying when he got back to the room and tried to end their relationship, she started hitting him.

But he also, admitted to holding K. Michelle’s wrists to restrain her from slapping him in the face repeatedly. He also took responsibility for putting his hand over her mouth so she would stop screaming at the top of her lungs.

He even spoke about dating K. Michelle and MiMi‘s friend Ariane, plus he’s really pissed off that Ariane and K. Michelle are hanging out together because Ariane has yet pick up for him.

After hearing both sides, who the hell do you believe? Sound off the comments below!

75 thoughts on “Memphitz SPEAKS ON His Side Of K. Michelle’s Abuse Allegations & Dating “Love & Hip Hop” Star Ariane! (Audio)

  1. Honestly I DONT Think He Did It Because If You Have To Cry Wolf OVER & OVER You're Trying To Get People To Believe Some Lie That You've Made Yourself Think Is True.. Im Not Pointing Fingers But I Think He Was Probably Mis-Using Her Money And K. Wanted Her Revenge And This Was The Only Thing She Could Think Of.

  2. I knew a girl my home boy was dating, they broke up via phone keep in mind i'm in the car with him (best friends.) 1 hour later who shows up at the door? Cops, guess what this young lady saying he pushed her down and slapped, kicked and punched her. Seen it plenty of times. People lie all the time supahot17. A dude hit me I'm letting everybody know at that time!!! Not later.

  3. I Honestly think since Memphis is married to Toya Now, K.Michelle may have been a bit jealous..why i say that is because she could've been exposed him along time that she is off of memphis record label,and see that he has moved on and i think that she is heart broken this is her way of trying to get back at him…thats my opinion.

  4. K.Michelle is crazy but she's been making these claims for awhile now. She never used his name but people who knew the situation put two and two together. I believe her. She's talented and her Can't Do This video and song blew up then…Nothing!!! He blew the money, beat her and the label tried to cover it up. So yeah that'll make a person snap out. If you listen to ANY of her music she puts ALL her business out…GOOD and BAD so what does she have to gain by lying

  5. Ok I'm a women with all brothers…… I have seen it all. And watching K.Michelle she has a temper. u have to learn to read between the cracks cause trust and believe women are so very evil. And I think there is more to the story that she's not telling. Because think about when she explainded it to rasheeda she said she had carpet burns and he smothered her with a pillow. That's not getting the shit beat out of u so…… I think she put some stank on it. But I will not fixed my mouth and say naw I don't believe her. Because I believe there's more o the story.

  6. True about k.michele why in the hell now that she would want to talk about her being abused of LHHATL now? Don't sound right to me. I think Memphis is telling the truth about k.michele. Something is really wrong with her period ans she needs to get help for that problem

  7. My boyfriend/babyfather has hit on me before worst than memphitz hit on K. Michelle. I believe her. How could you think she's lying because she didn't call the cops. I didn't call the cops on my boyfriend. I totally believe her.

  8. Wtf is a ( opions)? I think the word you wanted was (opinions) trying to be so smart just made your words dumb as hell lmao

  9. I'm sorry, but putting your hands on a woman does not classify as abuse. These two had a fight. And I'm sure K. Michelle got physical first and he basically showed her azz who's boss. A man should never put their hands on a woman, but the same rules apply for a woman — never put your hands on a man (especially if you don't want to get your azz beat). I'm a 300-lb. man and want knock a b*tch out if she puts her hands on me and same goes for a man. However, I am no woman abuser. I will walk away first, but if you don't let me and continue the ghetto antics then you'll get beat down. And I never hit a female just cause. K. Michelle has one domestic incident with Memphitz and she tries to label him a woman beater. No you two had a fight and he got the best of you. If he was a woman beater you'll have more stories of him beating you. Females think they can hit on a man, smack him, kick him, and do anything they want without any consequences because they are girls. They want to play weak after that man beat their azz, but they wasn't weak when they were jumping around acting a fool and putting their hands on that man. These females need to stop asking for the drama and then when they get it they cry. smh

  10. I believe MemphiTz…if kMichelle said she had proof and people constantly saying she lying..She would show the proof to shut their asses up point blank..

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