BRAXTON FAMILY VALUES Season 3: Traci, Towanda, Trina, Toni & Tamar; Betrayal, Fawker, Divorce & Drama!

Since season 2 of the “Braxton Family Values,” a lot have changed in the sisters (Trina, Tamar, Traci, Toni and Towanda) personal lives. The reality stars are now faced with family betrayal, divorce, cheating allegations and being at war with each other.

On tonight’s premiere of WeTV’s “Braxton Family Values,” the show opened up with Traci battling with the rumors about her husband’s very public affair for a second time, impregnating a woman before his vasectomy and being pissed off at Towanda for sharing the news with the world on the show’s season finale.

Despite her marital woes, Traci has been keeping a brave face during her scheduled TV and radio appearances while trying not to comment on the swirling rumors that were given life by Towanda, even though they were already making rounds on the net.

Traci is also showing off her slenderized figure, so someone might be leaving their hubby for a hot guy soon — only if the outside child belongs to him! And oh, she’s sexually deprived too.

Trina is living life in the “single lane” after filing for divorce from Gabe Solis a few months ago. According to Trina, “I can’t force someone to love me the way I wanted them to. So I feel its best for me to start doing me. But I don’t want people to think I was using my ex-husband because he was a great father to my kids and I loved him.”

But Gabe is still hoping they can work things out and is taking shots at “black” folks for giving him a hard time due to his cheating past.

Trina reveals that she’s not ready to start dating (especially chocolate guys) and would rather spend her time working on her booming music career and getting used to her 30-pound weight gain. Trina is also loving her new “fawker” (a fat above the coochie) — yeah I can’t believe I just said that myself.

Toni is out of retirement as she readies her new album “Marriage, Love & Divorce” with “Hall of Famer” and music legend BabyFace, who we are dying would just hook up with Toni already! The new album is due on February 4th.

Tamar is still adapting to be a new mom to baby Logan, working on her “Winter Loversland” album (which is currently available), dealing with Ike Turner Vince Herbert, and flying high off the success of her #1 “Love & War” album.

Despite making up with Traci during a sit down with Mama Braxton, Towanda will have to stand up — playing the bad girl — as her sisters unleash their built up anger, accusing her of being mean and always causing drama, says Tamar during an afternoon brunch.

The new season is reportedly the most EXPLOSIVE season ever with Traci confronting her husband about the “extramarital” love child, Towanda celebrating her birthday amidst family drama, Tamar beefing with Towanda, Toni writing a book but trying not to involve or offend her family and Trina marriage problems.

This season will also be a big win for WeTV in ratings.

HIGHLIGHT of the night:

Are you feeling Towanda’s new hairstyle?

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