Breast Implants! Kylie Jenner Gets A Boob Job for Her Birthday: Kris Jenner’s Gift (PHOTO)

Following Kendall Jenner‘s rumored plastic surgery and having everything that money can buy, reality star Kris Jenner is giving her daughters make overs and we’re not talking about in-store or wardrobe changes!

The “Kardashian Empire” momager reportedly gave her daughter Kylie Jenner breast implants for her 16th birthday, according to In Touch magazine’s specialists.

CelebDirtyLaundry reports:

Do we expect anything different from Kris? I think not. I mean Kourtney Kardashianhad implants by the time she was 18 and just look at Kim Kardashian, or at least the visage that calls itself Kim Kardashian, after more plastic surgery than an average block or two of Beverly Hills senior citizens. Her whole career of doing nothing was built on a sex tape and her image is only about looking like a blow up doll.

Of course Kris not only agreed to allow Kylie to have surgery, but she probably encouraged it. Kris recently joked to now estranged husband Bruce Jenner about how Kylie and Kendall Jenner would be financially set for life if they did porn! Kris never thinks like a mom but instead operates as the distributor of the Kardashian brand which just so happens to revolve around cheap sex and inappropriate and underage sexuality.

What do you think about Kylie’s boob job? And did she do it to be like her older sisters?

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