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On Friday night, 32-year-old Beyonce released the full version to her new track God Made You Beautiful” and we’ve just learned that the track was actually dedicated to her 22-month-old daughter, Blue Ivy Carter.

In the past, Beyonce’s daughter has received several harsh comments from social media users due to her unique look. And back in October, Twitter users went off on the singer for mistreating her daughter’s hair, but according to Beyonce, “she’s teaching her daughter that she is free to express herself.”

The new-mom created the uplifting ballad to praise the life of her daughter and sings about the love she has for Blue Ivy. On the track, she sings, “When you were born, the angels sighed in delight/They never thought they’d see such a beautiful sight.”

Beyonce gives her daughter a beautiful memento to look back on whenever she’s feeling down and out by singing; “Your love shines so bright/You bring me back to life.” Adding, “your love, it shines so bright, you bring me back to life. You make everything right.”

An insider close to the songstress tells us exclusively that the pop superstar “refuses” to comment on hateful comments made against her daughter whether it’s on social media sites or/on negative blogs.”

The insider continued, “the song is really beautiful and we’re sure many fans can relate to it. Beyonce is enjoying motherhood with her little homey and would rather spend time with Ivy and Jay Z than to waste her time arguing with folks who is not apart of her life.” Ouch!

Plus, Beyonce’s deeply personal “Life Is But A Dream” documentary is due out November 25, and follows her own childhood to her pregnancy — and giving birth to Blue Ivy.

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  1. Yea children shouldn't be put into situations like that when there too young to defend there self but B could do something to that baby head! She make sure her weave b looking right so the least she could do is put a brush to it! Sorry

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