Guilty Conscience? Kenya Moore DENIES Sexting with Phaedra Park’s Husband Apollo Nida; Says, “He’s A Liar”

“Real Housewives of Atlanta” reality star Kenya Moore created quite an uproar last year when she suggested her and co-star Phaedra Park‘s husband, Apollo Nida, were communicating with each other behind Phaedra’s back.

Now that the proverbial “sh** has hit the fan”, Kenya is minimizing her past comments and Apollo can’t seem to get his story straight!

Kenya claims the texts she mentioned during the reunion show were platonic and her comment was misunderstood by cast members. Earth to Kenya, any text conversation from a single woman to a married man will be misunderstood. 

In this week’s new episode Phaedra seeks the truth once and for all. She confronts her husband during an extremely intense conversation about the text messages and [Apollo] allegedly crossing paths with Kenya at a party held in LA. It appears Apollo and Kenya have two entirely different stories about their interactions.

Apollo, visibly uncomfortable during the talk on camera, explains that he did see Kenya at a party, was not sure if she followed him there, and he resisted her advances. He states:

“You know when a female is basically open. She basically wanted to ‘s–k my d–k in L.A. I chose not to. I left and went to another hotel. Real simple.” WOW… Not quite the revelation viewers expected.

Kenya has taken to the Bravo TV blogosphere to spin her side of the story, likely in an effort to appear less adulterous. In her post titled “Apollo is a Liar” Kenya asserts:

“The truth is I have never seen Apollo outside of the show. I’ve never seen him in Los Angeles or any other city. The texts also prove that. Apollo is a liar just like his lie-awyer wife. Phaedra should threaten to cancel his allowance if she wants to get the truth.”

Although there is no clear version from either individual, it’s almost certain there’s more to this story. Regardless of the details hopefully Phaedra and Apollo can move on with their marriage, and Kenya can take several seats.

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