Keyshia Cole Hits The Studio With New Bob & Her Hubby Booby Hits The Strip Joint– Poses With A Stripper!

Over the weekend, while R&B singer Keyshia Cole was busy showing off her new black chop-bob on Instagram and burning that midnight oil in a Los Angeles recording studio, her baller hubby was out having fun in a strip joint in Houston.

Cole’s husband Daniel “Booby” Gibson decided to show off his new stripper friend on Instagram, along with sources saying he was making it rain on them h*es. Proof below:

According to the UrbanMediaDaily: “The couple have played down rumors about their marital woes for the past several months, but we find it ‘very suspect’ that Daniel is posting pics from inside the strip club of himself with strippers and giving shout outs.”

These are things a single bachelor would do.. don’t you think? Plus, Keyshia has been working hard in the studio for the past few weeks on a new album. She also tweeted:

“Been in the studio waaaay to long it’s really time to go”.

Maybe that’s true because she needs to have eyes on her man! But do you think a married man should be going on like this?

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